Using A Whizzinator

The whizzinator is a product that is intended to defeat a drug test using synthetic urine. It is a kit that comes with synthetic urine, a syringe, detailed instructions, as and a heater pack. The heater pack is used to keep the urine warm. A false male genital is also included which has the same skin tone as yours. They come in a variety of colors including black, Latino, brown and white. When it is time for a drug test, you place the synthetic urine in the whizzinator pouch as your urine and therefore the doctor or the individual who is performing the test will be unable to tell whether the urine is real or fake. The individual who is taking the drug test wears the whizzinator using an adjustable strap. It’s a very convenient way for the user to remove the Synthetic Urine from the whizzinator. Many users prefer to use something that will appear natural to those who are observing the person being tested.

When it is time for the test, use the included syringe to fill the pouch with synthetic urine. Squeeze the fake male genital so that it can release the synthetic urine. This will make it look like the urine is real. The whizzinators are available for both men and women. Their popularity has arisen in the recent years, and many people use it for its convenience.

The heating pack that is inside the whizzinator is used to keep the urine at a natural body temperature. This allows the user to avoid being caught cheating during the process if the observer is using a thermometer.

When you are buying a whizzinator apparatus, make sure that you buy one that is compatible with your skin color and tone so that you cannot get caught. Make sure that it also fits you so that it will not be too baggy or too small for your body. The Whizzinator Touch 1 is also available at a different price. Choose the one that fits your budget. You can compare the prices over the internet and pick the one that you want. These kinds of apparatus can be found over the internet or a shop that sells these types of items.

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